Wear Tech
Excellent performance capacity with patented resistance to corrosion
Tungsten carbide wire drawing die
Copper wire drawing dies/carbide heading dies/flat wire drawing dies Yg6 Tungsten Carbide Drawing Die /carbide dies/wire drawing die/ with Great Hardness Recommended grade: LSM10/LSM20/LSM40/LSM50/LSM60/LSM70/LSM80/LSM90
Cold heading dies
Suitable for cold heading and cold punching standard parts. Screws and rivets of copper,aluminum,steel and alloy steel. They are avaiable in frequently used types of flatheaded cold heading dies sunk cold heading dies,one operation-punching and ejection
Horseshoe Pins from tungsten carbide
Tungsten Carbide horseshoe pins are a hardwearing, long lasting, tough and rugged product used to improve the grip and the wear resistance of the horseshoe.
End mill blank
Cemented Carbide rod Item No.: ST005 Cemented Carbide Materials Various cemented carbide materials are mixed, suppressed and sinter molded through advanced machine and a series of processing technology by the powder metallurgy method. With the feature
Disc cutter from solid carbide
tungsten carbide rotary-wheel glass cutter tungsten carbide glass cutting wheel is environmentally friendly, be with no noise pollution and is quick and simple for operating when compared to tradition cutter; Tungsten carbide gla
Tungsten carbide composite rod
Consist of tungsten carbide particles suspended in a copper based binder for severe impact and wear applications. Tungsten carbide particles are typically ¼”, 3/16”, 1/8”, and 1/16” for aggressive cutting or high wear appli
Crushed tungsten carbide grain
YG8 hammer broken wear-resistant alloy particle crushing all kinds of particle size Product use: the metal surface welding, wear-resisting, or cutting effect.It is mainly used in oil machinery
wear strips and rods
YDcarbide rod is mainly used for welding petroleum, mining, coal mining, geology, construction and other industries in some serious wear and tear or a combination of cutting parts. Such as: milling shoes, wear shoes, centralizers, reamer, drill pipe fi
Crushed tungsten carbide grits/granules
Carbide broken grain is kinds of particles of hard alloy by cemented carbides broken method. Carbide broken grain's particle size is 1mm~10mm different size. Can be customized different size product for customer requirement.
Tungsten carbide strip
We use 100% virgin tungsten carbide material to reach the requires of good wear resistance and high impact resistance.
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