tungsten carbide die
Cold heading dies
  • Cold heading dies
  • Cold heading dies
  • Cold heading dies
  • Cold heading dies
  • Cold heading dies

Cold heading dies

Item No.: ST010
Suitable for cold heading and cold punching standard parts.
Screws and rivets of copper,aluminum,steel and alloy steel.
They are avaiable in frequently used types of flatheaded cold heading dies sunk cold heading dies,one operation-punching and ejection
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high quality Molding Die  made by tungsten carbide  Long tool life and high repeated accuracy


From wear resistance to heat resistance Grain sizes and the binder compositions of our carbide grades are combined according to their specific application requirements, which allows the metal forming tool’s characteristics to efficiently cover the range from extremely wear-resistant to equally as heat-resistant. A long tool life reduces production costs Carbide grades developed especially for metal forming are enormously wear-resistant and simultaneously tough. They resist high temperatures, withstand high pressure, and guarantee long tool life and high repeated accuracy.

Our competence:

 High wear resistance

 High fracture toughness

 Accurate repeatability


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Quality tungsten carbide cold forging dies/ high quality cold heading and punching dies/ high quality tungsten carbide cold forging dies